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Walk-In Services

  • mobile phone unlocking
  • out-of-warranty repairs on mobiles and computers
  • change of language pack on mobile phones - we change many phones to Chinese for our customers, we may be able to find your language too.

Prices and services vary depending on make and model, please enquire. We recommend that you back up all data before bringing your mobile or computer in, we cannot guarantee that data will not be lost and we do not back up data at our workshop.

i We do not unbar phones. Unlocking a phone that has been barred is futile. We only unlock network locks which enable you to use any network should your phone be locked to one.
All our methods have been tried and tested. During the unlocking or language-change process, we do not physically alter the phone in any way and therefore hold no responsibility for the physical working order of the phone.
All work is carried out at owner’s risk.

Electronic Top Up available in-store

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